Our Team

We have up to 10 Full Members who represent the community and provide strategic accountability and direction and three Directors overseeing the activities, all local people who are passionate about the cafe and its aims. The Directors are Gary Cliffe, Julie Ellis and Robert Matthews. We also have a Steering group of 10 people with an interest in the cafe and how its ran. We want the community to be, and feel, involved!

We have a number of local suppliers and organisations who support us. We like to think of ourselves as a big family.

Volunteering at the Cafe

We have a small band of part time staff who support the volunteer team and keep things in the cafe running smoothly. The majority of people who work at the cafe are volunteers, local people who invest a few hours a week to make our cafe what it is. Their enthusiasm for the place they live and sense of community, creates a unique, welcoming, relaxed yet vibrant atmosphere. The combination of their skills and attributes ensure the cafe runs smoothly so you can have a clean, healthy and friendly place to rest with your own company or friends (two legged or four legged variations included). With many different backgrounds and interests there is always stories to be shared and heard to make Station Cafe, Whitegate an interesting place to be.

  • Do you have a few hours you could invest in helping make the cafe all we hope it to be?
  • Would you like to meet and make new friends in a friendly environment?

If you are interested please click here to get in touch via our contact page.